Waitrose, Community Matters (February 2018)

Waitrose, Community Matters (February 2018)

Waitrose Community Matters Donations – Supporting Local Charities and Good Causes

Community Matters is a Waitrose scheme that supports local charities and good causes.  Also known as the ‘green tokens’ scheme.  Every Waitrose shop selects three local causes a month (nominated by the local community) to receive a share of a £1,000 donation from Waitrose.  Since 2008 they have donated over £30 million to more than 90,000 good causes.  Theses donations really make a difference to local communities, and help shops to engage with their local communities, from supporting youth sports to providing care for people suffering with life threatening illnesses.

To get involved simply post a green token (provided to you on completion of your shopping trip in Waitrose) into the community Matters box of this month’s local good causes.

In our community matters this month (February) are:

East Dorset Guide Dogs Team

Cornerways Beacon Trust

Verwood Friendship Club

From everyone at Waitrose and The Furlong we would all like to say a very big THANK YOU.