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Pedal Car Grand Prix 2012!

Pedal Car Grand Prix 2012!

This amazing wacky race is back this year and it is set to be the best yet! The two hour sprint race is something everyone should do at least once or a the very least come along as a spectator.

Crowds of thousands stream in to Ringwood, congregating first at The Furlong, to experience the rasamatz, the enthusiastic commentary, the atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon’s madness with wacky races the unique British Pedal Car Grand Prix.  Four drivers are allowed per car and there are classes for juniors (under 16’s) and seniors.

The circuit is flat out for most of the way with just two corners of note during the 1km lap.

For a preview of this year’s contestants head down to The Furlong on Saturday 14th July for the famous Concours d’Elegance.